Last Updated 9/1//2021


Monthly Events

1st Sunday
Communion                        During 11 a.m. Service

2nd Saturday
         South Coast Post-Acute
Convalescent Home  
Canceled Until Further Notice
3rd Saturday
Women’s Ministry - Virtual                          2 p.m.
Saturday Before 1st Sunday
Leadership Training/
Monthly Prayer Meeting - Virtual                    Noon
    All leaders are expected to attend

Special Events - September
September 6, 2021wpc2267e9e_0f.jpg

 Weekly Schedule

   Sunday  Onsite/Virtual Sunday School     9:30 a.m.

                   Onsite/Virtual Worship Service     11 a.m.

          (see Onsite/Virtual Service page for details)

    Wednesday  Virtual Prayer Meeting/Bible Study
                                                           Noon and 7 p.m.


       Pastor Clark has asked that members fast for one meal
      and pray for an hour each week for New Spirit Baptist

Please also pray for our nation and our world
during this Coronavirus pandemic, natural and man-made disasters and racial and political unrest!